hifting loose cargo can slow down your ops and threaten 

the mission with damaged freight. The new ISP Case from

Pelican™ virtually eliminates load movement with a unique 

Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP). The patent pending system is 

compatible across 6 different case sizes from 4 to 25 cubic 

feet of storage. Equipped with a silicone sponge O-ring and 

pressure release valves, the ISP Case is impervious to extreme

weather and wet conditions.


The system is designed to maximize the volume of standard logistics platforms. 

Whether loading standard pallets, NATO pallets, JMIC containers, 463L pallets

or sea containers, the ISP Case system will make the most efficient use of cargo space.

With its Inter-Stacking Pattern there is no question where the next case belongs. 

The disc pattern bottom mates with the wave pattern on the case below, literally 

falling and locking into place. Cross-stacking builds incredibly tight loads that 

can save time with strapping or netting.